Investing isn’t just for you. Family & friends can gift investments too.

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When you invest, your money is at risk.


Bringing joy to gifting money

Don’t know what to suggest your family and friends get your child? We’ve made it simple for family and friends to gift money to your children. No more ickiness.

Every Nosso Junior ISA comes with a unique link. Share it with family and friends, and swap the endless toys each birthday for a meaningful investment gift. Cha-ching!


Gifting money with warmth

Gifting money doesn’t need to feel so cold. With Nosso, anyone contributing can leave a message or post a photo.

Transform that 18th birthday gift money from cold cash into a box of warm memories. Picture your child's smile, as they take in years of messages and support from those around them. Aww!

Nosso makes it easy for friends and family members to gift money as often as they want in just a few clicks.


Send special thank you’s

Sometimes the reaction is as important as the present. Capture the moment of joy by having your child send a special thank you note and picture for every gift they receive.

Get in the habit of being more open with your kids about money and start building those financial habits at a young age.

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Gifting that's fun AND has tax benefits

Income tax. Dividend tax. Capital gains tax. It's right to pay the tax that's due, but the government has built a Junior ISA to help you pay less.

Junior ISAs are tax-free savings and investment accounts. Tax-free means that every penny of income received into the account stays there. There's no tax to pay on its growth.

On top of that, gifts paid in can help keep family money safe from inheritance tax. These tax rules can get complicated as they depend on individual circumstances, so you may want to take professional advice if you’re unsure.

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