Nosso guide

Declutter your outgoings

coins and cash

Don’t freak out just yet. Yes, you may have spent a bit too much here and there. But what’s important is that you’ve taken the first step in bettering yourself. Do you notice any patterns? Are there any areas you’re spending too much on that you didn’t realise?

The next step is to pinpoint what expenses are not helping you reach your long-term goals. Maybe ask yourself if there’s a way for you to reduce X cost. What’s key now is to lower your outgoing payments, not eliminate them all together. For example, have you checked if other network providers can offer you a better deal on your phone? Or can you reduce 1 Deliveroo a month and save yourself that additional £20? Is it practical to have Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon prime subscription? Haven’t you just kept on watching Encanto on-repeat for the last 5 months?

We’re not trying to guilt trip you into not spending any money at all. You should definitely make sure to have a pot dedicated for the fun stuff or for treating yourself. Both you and I know very well that as parents we need some self-care too. Whether that is a night out at the Comedy club, or a spa day to recharge your batteries. You choose!

See? It’s not that hard after all. Just begin by dedicating 30 minutes of your time at the end of every month.

It all comes down to changing your old habits into new ones. Your future self will thank you for it. Woo-hoo.