A financial future for your family

With Nosso you can open an investment account alongside your partner and children. Discover truly collaborative investing to fund your big moments in life, together.

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As with all investing, your money is at risk.

Our products


Stocks & Shares ISA

A tax-free investment account for adults. Invest up to £20,000 per tax year and pay no capital gains tax or dividend tax on any profits or dividends.

General Investment Account

An investment account for adults looking to continue investing outside of an ISA. There’s no maximum amount so you can invest as much as you want every year.

Junior Stocks &
Shares ISA

A tax-free account in your child’s name that lets you (and anyone else) invest for them. It’s locked until they’re 18 so they can’t use the money before then.

Bare Trust (Junior Investment Account)

An account in a child's name that can be opened by any family member. It uses the child’s tax allowances and lets you withdraw money before they turn 18 (provided you use it for their benefit).
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Any investment is a risk, you might end up with more than you put in – or you might end up with less. What you’re taxed depends on your own personal situation, and can change in the future.

Open a Nosso account in 4 easy steps



Create your household

You can set this up with or without a partner, and add to your household later as your family grows.


Choose your product

From one of our four investment accounts, for you or your children.


Set your preferences

Select a risk level for your investments. You can also add a theme to personalise your portfolio.


Success! Your account’s open

You can now make one-off & monthly payments into your account. You can also add memories to your kid’s JISA.

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Easy investing for your family’s future

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Select one of our four investment options designed by experts at BlackRock & Vanguard to stay diversified for your long term goals.
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Run your family finances, all from one place

Open a Stocks & Shares ISA with us and watch it grow next to your partner and children’s accounts. You can see all your investments in your family hub and how they contribute to your shared net worth.
Open a Nosso account
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Receive gifts, directly to your child’s Junior ISA.

Uncle. Grandmother. Or even that family friend you see once a year. Anyone can gift into your child’s account via Nosso gifting. Watch their money pot grow as the whole family chips in.
Learn about gifting
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A money and a memory box

With our Junior ISA you can bring joy to gifting money and celebrate all your child’s milestones. To make them even more memorable, anyone can leave a special message or photo with each gift.
Open a Nosso account
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This guide is intended to offer you financial education by showing you the available options in today’s market. It’s not personal financial advice on what suits your circumstances best. If you’re looking for that, you should speak to a qualified financial adviser.
Any investment is a risk. You might end up with more than you put in – or you might end up with less. What you’re taxed depends on your own personal situation, and can change in the future.

Security you can trust


We’re transparent

No hidden fees. No complicated pricing. We charge a flat “platform fee” of 0.50% to administer your investments. There’s then an additional 0.20%-0.29%, depending on what investments you pick (paid to BlackRock and/or Vanguard). That’s an annual fee of around £7.90 if you invest £1,000 with us.


We’re protected

We’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and up to £85,000 of the money you invest on the Nosso app is covered by FSCS.


We’re parents

We like to keep things in the family. We’re an app built by parents for families. So, we understand your niggles and your ambitions when it comes to your little ones. And we understand just how priceless peace of mind is. Happy days.

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