We’re here to make investing a family thing

Financial services have left families behind. Savings, investments and even our kid’s accounts are built for just one person - managing money on their own. We’re changing that, starting by making investing for our children a family affair. Join us to rebuild finance for modern day families.

As with all investing, your money is at risk.


Who we are

We promise to


Empower our families

Knowledge is power and it’s no different when it comes to money. We give our families the tools and resources to make financial decisions with confidence and reach their goals together.

Put family first

Financial institutions traditionally focus on individual wealth. We embrace the whole family by building products designed to bring everyone together to achieve one shared goal - a secure financial future.

Create emotional legacies

We’re making it easy for Grandparents, extended family and friends to share their wealth with the little ones in their lives. And passing on the emotional well-being that comes from financial freedom.

Meet the team

We’re a small team hailing from all over the world and based in London. We’ve worked for a range of companies. From the large - like RBS - to the trusted - hello Financial Conduct Authority - all the way to the family friendly - woof to Butternut Box.

We decided to bring together everything we’ve learnt and build Nosso - the family friendly finance app.

Meet our founders

Founder photo

Youssef (aka Zaina & Moussa’s dad)

Co-founder & CEO

Youssef has 10 years of experience in Financial services and was the second employee at Tide - the leading SME challenger bank. He then moved of Octopus Wealth to lead their product efforts and this is what sparked the idea of opening up financial wisdom and investments to all parents, not just the wealthy few.

Fun fact

He’s a broadway star. When he’s not fixing the injustices of the financial system, he can be found performing renditions of Moana in his living room with Zaina. She’s the real star.

Founder photo

Sigurjon (Gunnar's dad)

Co-founder & CTO

Sigurjon has a background and strong interest in Machine Learning and Financial Engineering. Whilst at Cambridge he published his thesis, Deeper Understanding of Autophagy and pseudo-Autophagy through Latent-Space Analysis. Before setting out to build Nosso he worked as an engineer for Samsung and Eigen Technologies.

Fun fact

When he’s not writing theses with titles impossible to pronounce, Sigurjon loves running algorithms to maximise his chances of winning Fantasy Premier League. He’s doing well so far.

Our investors