Thank you from the Nosso team

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that on 28th February 2024 we wound down our operations and closed all Nosso accounts. Please note that any money invested through Nosso (that wasn't transferred away before then) is still safely invested and being administered by Wealthkernel (who are not affected by our decision to wind down).

If you were a Nosso customer and had a Junior ISA with Nosso you would have received multiple emails with the first on Tuesday 2nd January informing you of our decision, how it affects their account and the options available to you for the next step of their investment journey. This email also included the details you need to transfer your Junior ISA to a new provider.

We really appreciate the support you’ve given us and want to take this opportunity to thank you for using Nosso to invest for your child's future and wish you all the best on your future journey..

If you require further assistance or have any more questions please email ours or Wealthkernel's support team on & quoting your unique reference number (which will be in the emails you received).