We’ve just scooped our first awards, Best JISA and Best New Investment Platform 2022

We’ve just scooped our first awards, Best JISA and Best New Investment Platform 2022

March 4, 2022

Wow, we’re thrilled that Boring Money have given us the best shout out we could ask for. Best JISA 2022, and Best New Investment Platform 2022.

It seems like we’ve started on this journey just yesterday. At the start all we knew was that the family finance space was missing something. Nobody was thinking about us parents. And we jumped right in to change it.

So here we are, thrilled to have picked up our first awards!

It just goes to show, hard work does pay off. We set up to be the best option for parents investing for their children. We’re going to do this year after year.

So what are these awards about?

Boring Money's main goal is to help normal people making smart investing decisions. Gone are the days where you had to understand the finance gibberish. The founder, Holly Mackay cuts through the nonsense and speaks in normal english. So that you can save up the time to pick the right investment plan for you.

A few thoughts

Being recognised by Boring Money is proof that we're onto something. As an up-and-coming investment platform, we are humbled to receive so many good reviews on what we've built so far.

We're still in our early days and lots of work is happening behind the scenes. So keep your eyes peeled.

Our promise to you

Your kid's future is at the centre of everything we do. Our mission is to keep supporting you in making their dreams a reality.

Anything you’d like us to get better at? We welcome all ideas and feedback.

Tell us: contact@withnosso.com

Alright, let’s find out what everyone is saying...

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Boring money review

Holly Mackay, Founder and CEO of Boring Money says:

“I really like this. It feels very fresh and current – easy to use and actually quite a nice experience. As with most you will have to pick your own risk profile without much help so you’ll have to get your head around this. But I love the way you can add a little flavour of customisation in a simple way – nominating just a little portion of your investment to back water, clean energy or health. I also like the way others can contribute, leaving messages too. I can imagine grandparents liking this. For less confident investors and parents, this is a lovely looking choice.”

What families investing with us are saying

But the best part of winning these awards has been reading all your reviews. Knowing that we are making a difference for your kid's future. Helping you set those goals and getting you one step closer to the finish line. Yayy!

Here are a few of our favourites:

I'm not an investment or tech savvy or am I blessed with much more spare time so this product is simply brilliant!
So user friendly' amazing customer support. I can't rate it....highly enough!


I love how easy it is to secure my children's future. Onboarding takes minutes and security last for years. My parents loved adding money and doing something so...important over the usual plastic toys for Christmas!


I've been investing into my children's JISAs for almost a year now and it's a great service. The app is very easy to use and although the range of funds is small on comparison to other providers' it's perfect for me. I really like how people can leave messages with gifts and the option to add photos.

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  • If they’ve convinced you to build your kid’s nest egg then you can get started here.

A special thank you

To every parent who has supported us from the early days. We couldn't have done it without you. We learned so much from chatting with you.

To all of you who took the time to leave some kind words about what we're about. You put a smile on our faces.

Last but not least🥁
Welcome to all the parents that have joined us lately. We’re excited to have you on board with us.

Newbie to the investing world? No problem. Check out our guide on saving and investing for your children’s future.

Don’t forget, when you invest your money is at risk. You might end up with more than you put in - or you might end up with less.