Meet Nosso, our new family

Meet Nosso, our new family

February 28, 2022

Today, we’re changing our name from Hapi to Nosso.

We started building Hapi with one simple goal in mind - building an app that would help parents invest for your children's future together.
We're humbled by the number of responses and compliments we've received so far and want to thank everyone who provided feedback in the early days to help us improve the product.

While that’s been great, we feel this is the right moment to grow up a bit. And create a brand that Mums, Dads, Godparents and Grandparents can all love and trust, together.
This means becoming a little bit more mature in our tone, our colour palette and our designs.

So here we are, meet Nosso...

nosso team picture
Nosso team

So why Nosso?

We believe financial services have forgotten about families. Just think about it. Whether you look at savings, investments or even kids' accounts, they're all built for only one person. Managing money on their own. A reason why "personal finance" is such buzzword these days.

Many of you reached out to tell us how much you enjoy our in-app family features:

  • managing your child's money with your partner
  • collecting memories & messages to look back on years later
  • inviting your family & friends to chip in

Nosso translates to 'Our & Ours' from Portuguese.

We thought it was only fitting. As we're on a mission to change old-fashioned personal finance to 'Family Finance', ‘My finance’ to our ‘Our finance’.

We're building something different tailored for your family.

Changing what once were Mine to Ours. Just like what happens when you take the decision to start a family of your own. What was once Mine becomes Ours.

My goals --> Our goals

My money --> Our money

My investments --> Our investments

My future --> Our future

Our journey to rebuild finance for modern families begins today. Your children's future will still be our top priority, but expect many more exciting products headed your way designed for the broader family.

Sounds exciting? Join the Nosso family today.

The home for your family finances

Track your net worth & invest for your future, together 🤍
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Some more exciting news

We're pleased to announce that we've raised over £2m of capital to help us make our vision a reality. We're backed by Octopus Ventures and Anthemis.
Two huge investors that have helped companies like Zoopla, Depop, Cazoo and Betterment, grow from little startups to household names.

We’ve also brought on many more investors including Entrepreneur First (our first ever backers who helped us start the idea back in 2020) and angel investors who have backed or led some big names in finance such as Transferwise, Nested, Tide, Schroders Wealth, IG group, Farewill and many many more.

We’ll use this money to continue developing our product, helping you invest for more and more of your goals in more and more ways.
We’ll also continue focusing on making it easier and easier for your child to receive investments gifts from other family and for you to send investments gifts to nieces, nephews and whoever else.

What do I need to do?

  • Our new website is now live at Don't worry if you've saved our old website in your bookmarks, you won't have to lift a finger as our old site will redirect you to the new one. If you haven't, you can find everything you need here.
  • You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
  • If you have automatic updates turned on, you can find your app under Nosso. If you don't, just update it from your app store and check it out (we took advantage of this time to freshen up our colours and style as well).

Feel free to tell us what you think:


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