Moments in the market - September

Moments in the market - September

September 8, 2022

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Video transcript

Welcome to moments in the market, your 60 seconds roundup of financial related news.

Today, we're talking a choppy month for the markets.

🥶 Scotland freezes rents
🇬🇧 The UK gets a new prime minister
📺 Amazon launches a $1 billion show
🧐 and what to keep an eye out for this month?

August was a rollercoaster month for the stock markets. The S&P down almost 5%, and the FTSE100 almost down 4%. And this is because inflation is hanging around like a bad smell, meaning that everyone's expecting interest rates to rise big.

Next up, the Scottish government has frozen rent until March 2023 to tackle the cost of living crisis. Lucky for renters. Not so lucky for the landlords.

Out with Boris. In with Liz. And she's expected to outline a £100 billion energy plan, which will lower bills and bring in a cap of about £2500, which is lower than the expected increase in October, but still higher than the £1,970 currently.

The battle for TV viewers continued this week with Amazon launching its Ring of Powers TV show. It's the most expensive TV show ever made, costing Amazon nearly $1 Billion to make. But will it be enough to topple Netflix?

Things to look out for the month of September.

1) Interest rates are likely to go up on the 15th September.
2) Those old paper £20 notes are no longer going to be accepted at the end of this month. So you may want to go raid those old piggy banks you've got lying around.