Nosso News: June 2022

Nosso News: June 2022

July 10, 2022

Tube strikes, train strikes, interest rate rises, record inflation - June's been an interesting month. And there's been lots going on at Nosso too! If you have 5 minutes, keep reading.

If you only have 30 seconds, here’s your TL;DR:

  • 💯 You can now select a new investment option in our app with 100% equity (no bonds). Read more about it here
  • 📹 We’ve added bite size videos to our blog. They’re designed to help you brush up your finances in minutes. You can find our first few here
  • 🎓 We’ve analysed the changes that were introduced earlier this year to student loan repayments. They’re not pretty...
  • 🐻 We’re launching a new financial product called Bare Trusts later this year. If you’re interested then leave your details here and you’ll get 50% off once it goes live
  • 👶 We’ve welcomed someone new to the Nosso family. At just a few days old he became the youngest Nosso investor (cute pic below)

Introducing the new all-out-equity investment option

This month we introduced a new investment option. Our first that invests all your money in shares.

No bonds, property or gold - just shares. It’s managed by Vanguard (one of the biggest investment managers in the world) and invests in a wide range of companies across the globe, such as Apple, Sony, BT, Disney, Sainsburys and many more.

all out equity banner

You can find out more about our new investment option here.

Brush up on your financial knowledge with our bite size videos

Just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we have to stop making reels. Right? We’ve put together a few short videos to help you brush up on your finances. Watch them while brushing your teeth, boiling the kettle, wherever.

short video thumbnail

Here’s the one our followers on instagram liked the most but you can watch all the others in our new video section.

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Student loans are changing

Back in 2012, the average graduate left university with £16,000 in debt. If they didn’t pay it in 30 years, it was fully wiped off. 10 years later, the average uni student graduates with £45,000 debt. It also only gets wiped off after 40 years. Yes, some people will be paying off student loans in their 60s…

pay debt notebook

Read more about the changes and how they could affect your children here.

Coming soon: Gift tracking & Bare Trusts

We’ve now started working on two big new features that we hope you’ll love💙

Gift tracking: Anyone who’s made a contribution to your child’s JISA will be able to download the app track their contributions, and top up again with ease (make sure you let the grandparents know, it might increase how generous they’re feeling towards your kid)!

Bare Trusts: We’ve just finalised the trust agreement for our Bare Trust accounts. They’ll work a little differently to how our JISAs work but might be perfect for you if you’re not sure about locking your child’s money up till they’re 18. They can also be opened by anyone so you can open one for a niece, nephew, Godchild or Grandchild if you want to.

Yes they’ll come with a set up fee of £99, but we’re giving anyone who registers their interest and signs up to the waiting list today a discount to £50!

Sign up to our waiting list here.

Welcome Gunnar to the Nosso family🥰

Last but certainly not least, our Co-founder and CTO (Sjonni) and his partner welcomed a beautiful baby boy to the world this month. Not only is he on the fast track to join our engineering team, he’s also the youngest investor on Nosso.

cute baby

That’s all for our June recap. As always a massive thanks to every one of you who’s given us feedback. We love hearing how we can improve the product for you and your family.

Make sure you keep an eye on our blog this month as we’ve got a great guide dropping and plenty more features.

Have a great month!

Don't forget, when you invest, your money is at risk. You might end up with more than you put in - or you might end up with less. And remember that what you're taxed depends on your own personal situation, and that can change in the future.