Nosso News: Our 2022 recap

Nosso News: Our 2022 recap

January 4, 2023

Hi there and Happy New Year!

I hope you found some time for relaxation over the holiday period. I don’t know about you but in our household any semblance of screen time and ‘treat’ limits went out the window and we must have watched Arthur Christmas at least 10 times.

This month’s newsletter is a little different as I want to recap some of our achievements in 2022 and more importantly, give you a sneak peak into our plans for 2023.

But before we get to that, I want to say a huge thank you from all of the Nosso team for giving us feedback, insight and support over the last year as we move towards our goal of building the best place for you to manage your family’s money.

So let’s start with some of our highlights from 2022.


🏆 We scooped up 2 awards from Boring Money this year - Best Buy Junior ISA and Best New Investment Platform. What a way to start the year that was.


We’ve built a lot of new features this year that you told us you needed to better prepare for your children’s financial futures. Here are just some of the things we released:

  • 🧸 Bare Trusts - a more flexible way to invest for your children
  • 💷 Direct Debits for partners - the more the merrier
  • 💝 Gift investments - celebrate a special occasion by gifting more than toys or cash
  • 🎁 Gifting dashboard - a way to send and track your gifting all from the Nosso app
  • 🎂 Cards - a more personalised way to send money & store memories


2022 was our first full year of trading and we hit a few milestones that we’re especially proud of.

  • 🏆 Nearly 3,000 of you have now downloaded Nosso to start investing for your children’s future or gifting to someone else’s future
  • 💰 You made 7,000 contributions to your children's futures - nearly 5x the amount of contributions you made in 2021
  • 🐣 We had a Junior ISA opened for a baby who was just 3 days old! A new record and probably my favourite milestone of the year
  • 💙 40% of you introduced someone new (like a family member or friend) to Nosso! Thanks for all your love

A screenshot of some of one of the features we're working on this year

A sneak peak into 2023

We have a lot in store this year as we look to continue helping you and your family get a better understanding of your financial position and reach your goals, faster!

Here are just a few of the things we’re working to introduce this year:

  • Linking external accounts into Nosso to understand your family's overall financial position and net worth
  • Integrating your other financial goals like that new home or that earlier retirement with your family
  • Investing through ISAs and other other investments accounts for your own goals (not just your kid’s)

We’re looking for some of you to be the first to try out these new products as we launch them and help us shape the direction of Nosso. If you’re keen to be involved in building the future of family financial services, then please take a couple of minutes to fill out this short survey.

That’s all for now. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2023 and look forward to speaking to as many of you as possible this year as we at Nosso work towards making family financial services useful, intuitive, and fun!

Disclaimer: We’re an investment app, so your money is at risk and can go up or down. This blog isn’t our advice, so please don’t change your plans or buy or sell any of your investments based on it. We don’t know your money situation, your plans for the future or how much experience you’ve got. If you’re unsure you should speak to a professional financial advisor.

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