Nosso News: October 2022

Nosso News: October 2022

November 9, 2022

While the spooky season may have been reflected in the economic forecast last week, we hope you still managed to brave the cold with the kids and get those essential trick or treat pictures for the memory bank. During October we were busy working to bring you a new approach to gifting on our app.
Gifting has now been supersized and we can’t wait for you to check it out.

If you have 5 minutes, keep reading for more high points this month. If you only have 30 seconds, here’s your TL;DR

💸 Check out a message from Nosso's co-founder about how Nosso can support you during the Cost of Living crisis.
🎁 Gifting is here. We've opened up the app to anyone allowing you to gift investments to any child you know (regardless of if their parent already has a Nosso account or not)!
📈 Our Content Team love creating fun and educational videos on our social media. Check out our favourite video from October - “Different Types of Parent Investors”.
❓You can see the latest answer from Nosso's resident "Agony Uncle" below. Adam's aiming to answer any tricky family finance questions our customers have. Got any burning questions? Submit it here.

Cost of Living message from Our Co-Founder, Youssef

It’s fair to say that this has been a challenging year, not just for the stock market, but also in everyday life. We understand that the impact of rising costs and increased mortgage rates will be different for everyone and have tried to design Nosso to make it as accessible as possible. Here’s a couple of things you can consider if maintaining your current level of investment is difficult;

  • Pause your Direct Debit from the Direct Debit Centre in the app
  • Encourage family & friends (maybe a less affected grandparent) to contribute where they can. This way you can continue growing your child’s pot without making contributions yourself

Our team is on hand should you want to discuss how best to manage any regular payments or have questions about your account.

Got any questions about how to best manage your regular payments? Or anything else with your account? We're here for you. Just drop us an email here.

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A whole new approach to gifting

We know how much you love being able to send gifts to Nosso kids in the app. You can now give the gift of a lifetime to any child that you love.

Ditch the plastic toys and give them a gift that will let them follow their dreams instead. Birthdays, Christmas and even those special little moments, we’ve got you covered with our new Gift tab.

🎁 You can send an investment gift to any child from your Nosso app, even if they don’t have an account with us.
📸 Personalise your gift by choosing a gift card, writing a message and adding an image. We’ll handle the rest. Send your gift here.

Tell us what you think

We’ve been working hard to make sure that our app is the best it can be for our Nosso families. We always want to hear your feedback. The more, the merrier.
Got 2 minutes to spare? Leave us a review on Trustpilot.
Your support means the world to us. And don't forget your review could help other parents in making a decision about their family's financial future.

What kind of Investor are you?

This month our content team released a fun video showing the different personality types. We’d love to know which type of parent investor are you? Leave us a comment on our Instagram to let us know.

Ask Adam- Help! Should I open a child pension for my Grandson?

In October a Nosso customer contacted our resident Agony Uncle, Adam, to ask for some guidance on the best way to gift money to her Grandson. Receiving this question made us think about how we can help you more and so this month we're opening the floor to you.

Do you need help with a financial question or has something been niggling at the back of your mind?

Ask Adam and he’ll do his best to help by publishing his answer onto our blog.

That’s all for October. Got any feedback?
Just drop us a message in-app. Tap Support > Chat to our team.

Have a great month ahead!