Tax-free Childcare

Tax-free Childcare

July 22, 2022

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Video transcript

"Yep, schools out. But now is the start of all those summer and holiday clubs. But did you know that you can get up to £500 from the government to help pay towards the summer and holiday clubs?

So how does it work? So, say you get a bill for, say, £500 for one of those holiday clubs, which you send your little one off to over the summer, when you get the bill for £500, the government would actually pay £100 pound of that, so you would only end up paying £400.

So what do you need to do in order to get this money from the government to help pay for those holiday clubs over the summer?

All you need to get a childcare account and how to do that is by clicking on this link.
That will take you to the government's website and you register on that website and then that allows you to then use the money from the government to pay for those summer clubs.

It's quite a simple process to register on these accounts and we have previously written a blog post which sets out in a bit more detail how to register and also a bit more detail about tax-free childcare.

Find more about tax-free childcare".